The wedding anniversary gift

For their 5th anniversary Donna decided to surprise her husband, their sex life had been pretty good so far, but lately they had fallen into a kind of routine. It wasn’t anything bad just the usual work , children and family distractions. She loved Mark very much, and after all this time she still felt very attracted to him, he was a very handsome man. They planned a romantic night out, with reservations in a fancy restaurant and a room in a nice hotel.

She bought herself a beautiful black evening dress that highlighted her figure, and a sexy and bold full body lace stocking. This was something new for her, she had always been very confident about herself, but she had never worn anything similar, she was rather conservative even with her lingerie. But this body stocking was really pretty.

Mark picked her up at home and had a beautiful flower bouquet specially made for her, they went to the restaurant, had dinner, danced a lot and enjoyed their special date very much. After some drinks and a lot of fun they decided to go to their hotel room. It was a big suite, very fancy and romantic, with candles all over the place.

They looked around the suite appreciating every detail of it, a place of romance and luxury with no children, toys, chores or work, they had earned this. They served themselves a glass of wine, and after a toast and some romantic words, they started making out. They felt great; this was like going back in time to their first time, some nervousness and excitement for the night that was coming ahead of them made them both giggle like teenagers.

Mark put on some nice music and grabbed his wife by the hand, pulling her close to him. They danced a slow, sexy song, while he caressed all her body over the dress and she leaned her head on his chest. Donna kissed him gently on the lips, pressing her body against his, and as she did, she felt his penis getting hard for her. And before he could say anything, she let herself out of embrace and asked him to sit down and relax

“I have a nice surprise for you darling, please make yourself comfortable, drink your wine and wait for me here; I promise you’ll enjoy it”.

Donna gave her husband a big, kinky smile and headed to the bathroom. Where she slowly undressed herself, and put the lace stocking on. She looked herself in the mirror and got a little blush. She wasn’t used to wearing this kind of outfits. It was completely transparent, except for a couple of roses that covered her nipples, and the rest of it had a beautiful simple design that decorated her exquisite skin. Paired with the sexiest heels into the shops she turned and looked in the mirror. A smile crossed her lips, “damn you look good” she thought to herself, with a final check of the hair and a dab of perfume, her hand reached for the door handle.

When Mark saw his wife coming out of the bathroom wearing this incredibly sexy outfit, he couldn’t believe it, she looked like a sexy goddess and he was pretty sure she knew it. She walked towards him without saying a word, and once standing in front of him, started to dance following the song’s rhythm. Donna loved the way he was looking at her; it was exactly the reaction she was expecting from him. She gave him a sexy lap dance while he kept telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, and how lucky he felt to have her as his wife.

As soon as the song ended, Mark couldn’t wait any longer and stood up, took her by the hand and led her to the bed. He gently pushed her against the pillows and started kissing her all over. He kissed her lips, her face, her neck, and then slowly moved to her breasts, her belly, and her legs. He was really turned on, but he kissed and caressed her tenderly and lovingly.

Donna felt in an ecstasy of pleasure and desire, and as her husband started to kiss her pussy, she moaned in pleasure. He gave her an orgasm with his mouth, and continued kissing her body. Mark placed himself on top of his wife and as he kissed her dearly. Donna wanted to give him pleasure as well, so after he laid himself in the bed, she helped him undress, removing all his clothes sensually. Then she kissed his chest, and putting his penis inside her mouth she started moving up and down, sucking and licking it the way she knew Mark loved.

Then she sat on top of him and started to ride him slowly, moving herself up and down, feeling every inch of him inside of her. He was big and filled her up completely. She was so turned on, that she had her second orgasm quickly. Mark sat down and as Donna continued moving her hips on top of him, he touched her body. He loved the way her body felt covered with the lace, it made her even sexier than she already was.

Mark grabbed Donna by the hips, laid her on the bed, bent her legs over his shoulders and took a deep thrust into her, making her scream with pleasure. He was really turned on and with each movement he got deeper and harder into her, leading her to a new orgasm. This time they came together, and Donna felt loved and satisfied. He rest next to her, giving her a gentle kiss on her cheek and telling her how much he loved her.



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