The first rush of love

David and Ruth had been dating for about a month now, they were really attracted to each other, and the relationship between them had flown easily. They met in a work dinner party, and they got along well immediately. On their first date they talked for hours and had a strong connection.Even though they really liked each other, they hadn’t been intimate so far. Ruth had recently gone through a break up, and she wanted to take things slowly, and do things right this time. David was so into her that he respected her wishes and decided to give her all the time she needed. So, he was really surprised when she proposed to have a weekend getaway, she wanted to visit a nice B&B Inn a friend had recommended her.

On Friday night they attended to a colleague’s party, where they had a lot of fun. But, the most exciting part was; knowing that right after the party they would get in the car and drive to this beautiful place where they would spend the weekend. The reservations were made, and the bags were done and packed in the car.

They both look really attractive that night, David was wearing a black tailor made suit and Ruth was wearing a grey cocktail dress, and some seamed stockings that made her legs look even sexier than ever. During the night, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other, even as they were talking to different people, David’s eyes always returned to her perfect legs, and the way she looked in that outfit.

They left the party early without saying goodbye to anyone, just wanting to be alone. It was a 45 minutes ride, but for them it felt endless, they talked about the party, about their week and made some plans for the different activities they wanted to do during the weekend. Both of them felt very nervous, but excited at the same time, they had been waiting a long time for this and expectations were high.

The hotel was wonderful, a nice quiet place outside the city, with a beautiful lake nearby. By the time they arrived, there weren’t many people in the reception, but from what they could noticed there were mostly couples just like them escaping from the city noise and madness. And this was the perfect place to do so, romantic, cosy and warm.

When they finally got to their room, David took Ruth’s hand, pulled her closer to him and gave her a long, warm, passionate kiss. She pressed herself against him, feeling his strong body against hers. He followed the shape of her body with his hands, caressing her completely; Ruth trembled with desire and ran her fingers through his hair.

Feeling her so close to him, looking so beautiful overwhelmed him with desire, David decided he didn’t want to wait any longer, he slowly undressed her, leaving only the sexy stockings on. He led her to the bed, pushed her gently against the pillows and laid himself on top of her to kiss her lovingly. He covered her completely with kisses from heads to toes, making her feel loved, safe and wanted.

The taste of her skin and fluids drove him crazy and not wanting to wait any longer he took a deep, slow thrust into her. Ruth, felt him going deep inside of her, and it was amazing he was passionate, but gentle at the same time. He kept going while he kissed her neck and told her how beautiful she was. After a while, she sat on top of him and started riding him slowly at first, but with every movement her hips got faster and faster. David enjoyed the way she moved, the way her breasts jumped at her rhythm, how her hair fell to the sides of her face, she was absolutely stunning and he felt glad to have her.

David took her by the hips, lifting her a little allowing himself to take control, making love to her, going inside of her and watching her face as pleasure took over her body. Then, he stood up next to the bed, placed her bent over in front of him and started pumping into her hard and deep. Pleasure was so powerful that made her scream as they both reached orgasm together and laid in bed cuddled in one embrace.

Ruth felt pleased and happy, and in this moment she knew she loved him and she was loved too.




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